30 Jan 2014

Los Angeles Part 3

Dress Unknown
Bandeau-American Eagle
Shoes-Miu Miu

Hi everyone!! this is the last one from my vacation from Los Angeles and it is featuring my new shoes, that I LOVE!!! It has been so crazy crazy busy, there is so much going on but I got some good news today, I got accepted to Western University!! So that was exciting, most of my friends and I got in so it is fun for us to all be celebrating today together! Happy Thursday, just hold on a little longer, the weekend is almost here!

27 Jan 2014

Los Angeles Part 2

Dress-Ark & Co
Shoes- Miu Miu
Earrings-David Yurman
Black Blazer

Hello! I am doing these last few close together because this trip was almost a month ago, crazy!! This is one of my favourite dresses, I love the sleeve! Also I bought these Miu Mius for christmas and oh my god I am obsessed! Hope you had a great Monday if that is even possible, my life is super busy and stressful and so many different things have been happening to my friends and I it's hard to stay strong and keep going but we will all get through it!!

26 Jan 2014

Los Angeles

Top-Urban Outfitters
Cross Body Bag-Italy

Hi again! Here's one of my day outfits, just wandering around in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. I love California and I hope to live there one day! I'll be posting two more outfits from my trip to Los Angeles soon so then I will be done catching up hopefully, not great pictures because I still didn't have my camera and auto clicker but they're ok! Have a fabulous week!!

18 Jan 2014

St. Lucia Part 3

Some pictures from kayaking with my sister, it is so beautiful!

Dress-Forever 21
Earrings- Anthropologie

Hi again! I am almost through the bad cell phone selfies, my next few will be selfies with a camera because I found my dads it just doesn't have the automatic clicker which is so helpful when you are taking photos by yourself! These shoes have been in a few posts but I don't think I've really talked about them, they are actually super comfy, I thought they would be bad quality and fall apart quickly but they are holding through and I really like them! I also love the dress, the pattern I think is a little unexpected which I like and the cutouts on the side are not super noticeably but still fun!! 


17 Jan 2014

St Lucia Part 2

The view from our room!!

Top-Urban Outfitters

Hello again! This is an outfit from my trip to St Lucia! I am so sorry about these awful pictures but I guess that's what happens when you are a dimwit and forget to bring your camera! Love these shorts, they are much much shorter than what I usually wear but I love the embroidering on the sides, it makes them a little dressier I think anyway!!
Happy Friday!!
Xoxo Bee

10 Jan 2014

St. Lucia

The Helicopter ride over the island from the airport!

The night we got in to the Hotel I heard from two of the Universities that I had applied to that I had been accepted, so my sister and I decided to pop the champagne and celebrate!

Skirt-Forever 21

Hi there!! This is one of my outfits from my vacay to the body holiday in St. Lucia! It was the second time my sisters, mum and I have been and we love it, there is no where better to go. You feel so good about yourself when you are there it is so incredible!! This shirt is a DIY I got from the blog A pair and A spare, she has so many amazing DIY's I can't wait to try some more!! Stay tuned for more outfits form this holiday!!

8 Jan 2014

Christmas Time

Booties- Me Too
Infinity Necklace-Tiffany & Co

Hello again! Because I was so bad over the break not posting any of my outfits I am just doing a bit of catch up. So this was from last year, it's so weird to be saying that, but I wore this to a christmas dinner and I like the dress because it is not a colour I wear very often especially in the winter. I find that all colours sort of go out the window in the winter but that is one of my new year resolutions!