30 Apr 2014

Patterned Trousers

Trench Coat- Laundry
Pants- Top Shop
Sweater- Joe Fresh
Ballet Flats- Aldo
Purse- Target
Scarf- Nordstrom 
Sunglasses- Gap

Hello! I have been sick for quite some time and I apologize for lack of appearance on my blog! I adore these pants from TopShop, they are super comfortable and fun! I also added the studs onto this black knit sweater from Joe Fresh and a tutorial will be up soon! I love dressing for spring weather!

13 Apr 2014

Miley Cyrus

Crop Top- American Eagle
Leather Scallop Shorts- TopShop
Plaid Shirt- Gap
Black Tights
Brown Leather Cross Body Bag
Triangle Necklace- Sterling

I channeled my inner Miley Cyrus for her concert and really enjoyed wearing something that is pretty out of my comfort zone of fashion choices. She was obviously flawless, I'm a die hard fan, and I had the most amazing time with my friends at her concert. She put on an incredible show and she is a great singer, overall a fabulous time!! 

9 Apr 2014

Dior Inspired Pearl Earrings

Good Morning everyone!
 I have a super cute DIY for you today they are Dior inspired pearl earrings.
 I found it, like most of my DIYs I don't think of them myself, off of the awesome blog a pair and a spare and here is the link to her tutorial or you can follow mine down below!

What you are going to need!

- Super glue of E6000 glue
- A toothpick or Skewer
- Large pearl beads
- Pearl earrings
- Plastic earring backings

 Take your skewer or toothpick and put some glue on the end of it
Then press the glue into the hole of the bead

This was trickier than I anticipated but just be patient.
With your fingers try to put the plastic backing into the hole, depending on the size it may not fit, mine did not, but if you leave it to dry for long enough having it sitting a bit on top is good as well.
if it is sitting on top just make sure that you have a clear hole for your earring to go through.

Let it dry!!
Try not to keep pulling and prodding your earring back and forth and in and out of it and let it dry at least over night!

I have worn these on several occasions and I always get lots of compliments on them! I was worried that they would be too heavy or hurt my ears and I have not found that at all!
I hope you enjoyed!

4 Apr 2014

Birthday Brunch

Dress- Anthropology
Earrings-DIY (tutorial is coming soon)

It was my 18th birthday a few days ago and to celebrate I had a big brunch because my friends and I think that it is the best meal and we go to a local restaurant many sunday mornings for brunch! We had crepes and pancakes, bagels and bacon, fruit, yogurt, granola, and of course lots of cake!! I've had this dress for quite a while now and I really love the white detailing on it!

A few pictures from the actual event!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!