14 Jun 2014


Shoes-American Eagle

Good Morning! It has been a long time since my last post and it will probably be a while till my next because I am off to my summer job with no internet! Although I will do my best to post when I can it won't be often. I just graduated from my school yesterday and I had been there for 13 years, lots of emotions and although I am very excited for my next chapter I am also sad because my school was a huge part of my life! Anyway I love this dress, the print, the cutouts, the colours, I just think it is so fun! As well I just bought the sandals and I'm in love with them they are so comfortable!
Happy beginning of summer!

19 May 2014


Top- Claire & Violet
Skirt- Target
Flats- Nine West
Sun glasses- Uniqlo

I had a lovely weekend, nice and long! Here we celebrate Victoria day which means a three day weekend and some fireworks!!! Have a lovely week, it's almost summer!!

9 May 2014

DIY Watch

Good morning and Happy Friday! I've got a DIY for you all today, I did this a while ago but never got around to putting it up!
I had an old watch that I wanted to repurpose and it was perfect for this!

 You'll need:
- 8 Jump rings
- Enough chain to go around your wrist 4 times- about a meter
- An old watch or watch face
- Pliers

 With pliers take apart the watch- take wrist band off.

Take the pins out of the straps

Cut the chain into four equal sections and add jump rings to the end of all or them

Put the pins back into the watch and attach the jump rings to the pins

Add lobster clasps to the end of each chain, and that's it!

You know have a bracelet like repurposed watch! My kitty really wanted to help with it!

I hope you liked this DIY there will be more soon! I've got a big night tonight, I hope some of you do too, can't wait to share some pictures from it!

4 May 2014

White Hot

 Jacket- C&C California
Top- Urban Outfitters
Pants- Pilcro and the Letterpress
Shoes- Miu Miu
Scarf- Club Monaco
Bag- Target

Hi! It was a pretty nice day here and I am so happy that spring is here!! I have some DIY's coming for you so stay tuned! I love how well my bag and shoes matched! Wishing you all well for the week ahead!

30 Apr 2014

Patterned Trousers

Trench Coat- Laundry
Pants- Top Shop
Sweater- Joe Fresh
Ballet Flats- Aldo
Purse- Target
Scarf- Nordstrom 
Sunglasses- Gap

Hello! I have been sick for quite some time and I apologize for lack of appearance on my blog! I adore these pants from TopShop, they are super comfortable and fun! I also added the studs onto this black knit sweater from Joe Fresh and a tutorial will be up soon! I love dressing for spring weather!